Use Cases

Cross-chain Swaps

Without Magpie: Users would need to find a DEX to buy and sell the token they wish to on two different chains as well needing to bridge the appropriate gas token to the new chain to make multiple swaps once bridged over. This could result in 2 swaps and 2 needs to bridge: swap into native gas token for destination chain, bridge native gas over to chain, bridge token you want to swap to destination chain, swap for needed token.

With Magpie: Swap almost any token across many of the top chains, all in one interface, without the need to use bridges or go to multiple websites, while getting an amazing price due to Magpie's unique order routing algorithm. Just as easy as swapping on-chain, just approve and click swap and you're done.

On-chain Swaps

Without Magpie: Users need to search multiple DEXs across the blockchain in which they want to swap, searching for the best liquidity source and price.

With Magpie: Swap almost any token on-chain while also benefiting from Magpie's order routing algorithm to receive the best price price across all major DEXs. Magpie will even pull liquidity from multiple DEXs if it gets the user a better price.

Cross-chain Yield farming / Lending & Borrowing / NFT purchases

Without Magpie: Users need to search yield-farming opportunities, going through the same process as cross-chain swaps to make multiple swaps as well as needing to use a bridge multiple times, costing them a lot of time and gas.

With Magpie:

Yield-farming: In a future update, users will be able to join yield-farming opportunities on or cross-chain through the Magpie interface, in just a couple of clicks, saving users time and gas fees.

Lending & Borrowing: Users will eventually be able to borrow or lend from markets such as AAVE & Compound, all within Magpie's easy-to-use interface.

Cross-chain NFT markets: Planned for a future update, users will be able to browse NFT marketplaces, and purchase the NFT they want, using any token they want, through Magpie's interface.

Wallet Apps & DEXs

  • By abstracting away the complexity of DeFi & order routing, Magpie enables wallet providers, DEXs, or other dApps to enable cross-chain staking, trading, and lending through the Magpie interface.

Institutions & Professional Traders

  • Magpie provides a low-latency and capital efficient infrastructure that is optimal for professional market makers and traders to deploy their automated strategies.

NFT Marketplaces

  • Connect with the Magpie API to allow users to buy NFTs with any digital asset across any of the connected blockchains with just a few clicks.

Web3 Projects

  • With Magpie, other projects can tap into other blockchains and ecosystems, both multi-chain and single-chain, by enabling one-click lending, staking, yield farming, and more!

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