🔄On-Chain Swap

Here we will provide you with a step-by-step set of instructions to swap tokens on the same chain using the Magpie app.

Click under the 'From' field where the cursor shows in the below image in order to select the chain and token. In this example, we are going to swap MATIC on Polygon to the WMATIC token.

Once you've clicked the 'From' field, you'll see the following, where you can select a network and token you would like to swap. If the MATIC token isn't near the top of the list for you, you can use the search field to find the token. We'll be selecting the Polygon PoS chain and MATIC token for this example.

In the app, you'll now click on the field below the 'To' in order to select the destination chain and token.

As this is an on-chain swap, select the Polygon PoS network and the WMATIC token.

If you have not approved the Magpie app to spend the token you are swapping, you'll want to click the bar at the bottom that says "Approve <token name>. Once you've clicked 'Approve' your wallet will pop up a box to allow Magpie to swap your tokens. Click "Confirm."

Once confirmed, the 'Approve' button will now say 'Swap <token> to <token>'. When you're ready, simply click the button to initiate the swap.

After clicking 'Swap,' your wallet will prompt you to confirm the transaction with an estimated gas fee. Here is where you can adjust the amount of gas you want to spend if that is something you're comfortable with, but most people leave it at the suggested amount.

After 'Confirming' the transaction, just wait a bit and you can either click on the bar that appears once the swap is completed in the upper right of the screen, or you can click on the Wallet icon in the upper right of the web page to bring up the sidebar and select your history to view all previous transactions.

You've just completed your first swap with Magpie!

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