Why is Magpie needed?

Magpie is here to help create the future of finance by helping solve many of the current issues within DeFi.

Current Issues in DeFi & How Magpie is Solving them

Liquidity fragmentation: Over 90% of liquidity in DeFi is spread across ten chains and hundreds of DEXs, while 2 years ago 97% was on one chain (Ethereum). This makes it more difficult to find the token you need on the chain or DEX with the best price or liquidity.

  • Magpie aggregates billions of dollars of liquidity between the largest DEXs/AMMs and bridges in DeFi, across multiple blockchains, all into one easy-to-use app so that our users are set up to get an amazing price on any asset they're looking to swap for.

DEXs, Bridges, & dApps: There are hundreds of dApps, DEXs, and dozens of bridges, meaning that when a user ventures into DeFi, even if they're experienced, it can be difficult to find or buy what they what, when they want it, which can cause frustration in users of all levels.

  • Using the Magpie dApp, our order router finds the best path to use in order to find you an amazing price, without the need for you to research or find the ideal DEX, bridge, or dApp, we've got it taken care of.

User-friendliness: With hundreds of DEXs, dozens of blockchains, different bridges to go between each of them, different wallets needed, and the need to learn each one you may be interested in using, it makes for an onboarding nightmare, causing many to stick with centralized exchanges or staying out of Crypto entirely.

  • Magpie makes onboarding into DeFi easy. One app, one page, one interface: incredibly easy-to-use. We do all of the research and work for you, just choose which blockchain you're on, which one you want to go to, any two assets you want to swap, and we'll do the rest.

Bridge Security: Over $1b USD has been stolen in bridge exploits in the last two years. Hackers were able to use exploits to move funds from the bridge to their own wallets. This results in many users not wanting to move cross-chain or use bridges, for fear of losing their funds.

  • Magpie is non-custodial, which means you keep control of your assets, making for a more secure way to swap cross-chain.

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